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CD Rantasalmi - Rivage détroit (ilm. 22.11.2014)

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Rantasalmi Youth Theatre is run by Rantasalmi Wind Band Society. The youth theatre was born in 1994 when the local open college organized a music theatre course for young music students. The purpose was to introduce other performing arts and to show how important the knowledge of music is in the field of various performing arts. Over 50 music students, from the age of 15 to 18, participated in the course. The teacher of acting during the course was Tarja Heiskanen (now Pyhähuhta), an actress from Mikkeli, and music was instructed by Risto Nyyssönen. The course was so popular that we decided to continue as a theatre.

In the beginning musicals were performed in various places, e.g. the gym hall of the local school. Quite soon, however, it turned out that due to its wide and permanent activities the society needs its own hall. We bought an old industrial hall, which was reconstructed on voluntary basis into a concert and theatre hall. There was a contest for the name of the hall. The winning proposal was Tornado. This is how we got all the rehearsals and performances of every band and group under the same roof. In the course of years the light and sound systems in Tornado have been accomplished so that today they meet the demands of professional theatres.

The musicals by Rantasalmi Youth Theatre have been performed also elsewhere in Finland and abroad: the National Theatre Festival of Open and Workers’ Colleges, the International Youth Theatre Festival in Helsinki, the Festival of Workers’ Theatres, the 1000th Anniversary of the City Trondheim in Norway, Youth Theatre Event in Kankaanpää, Children Theatre Event SPOTTI in Riihimäki and in several neighbouring municipalities.

In general actors and musicians of the Youth Theatre come from secondary and upper-secondary schools. Every now and then we have had musicals with younger pupils from primary schools. At present there are about 70 young actors, musicians of the band and students of sound and light systems working together. Professionals of the team are director, conductor, singing teacher, choreographist, light technician, and sound technician. Moreover, costumes, stage set and makeup are made under professional guidance.

Text: Marja Ikonen

Translation: Päivi Koikkalainen-Rovamo


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